About Information Wants to be Seen

Information Wants to be Seen

About Dr. T.J.

I am an Associate Professor of computer science and engineering within the James Worth Bagley College of Engineering, Mississippi State University. I work with data stakeholders on their tasks while at the same time delving the limits of visualization. To these ends, I focus on visualization theory, interactive visual analytics & visual data science, and applications such as bioinformatics and security visualization. Fundamentally, I help others solve their data problems. I teach courses revolving around visualization and visual data science & analytics; in addition, I frequently teach the computer graphics and game design courses.

For more academic information, my curriculum vitae is available, along with my list of publications. Students interested in working with me should read my student information page.

I tweet, especially during the IEEE VIS conferences, and wear a pretty nice hat.

About Information Wants to be Seen

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